Please keep visiting our website and checking your emails for a
schedule of my sales around town. Email
with any questions about buying your favorite items directly.
Our NEW inventory includes:
Rock Spring woven elastic shoes for Women
Ballet dance dresses and shoes
First Communion & Flower Girl dresses
Magic Wand
stain sticks
Banded headbands that provide 3 meals with purchase
Howdy Cows
Maple Landmark handmade
wooden toys
Bobux soft sole leather shoes
Goodnight Books
gloves & mittens
Automoblox wooden cars
Bubber and Dino Dig Kinetic products
We are adding unique products often to meet today's niche markets  
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After 24 YEARS of having a storefront, Kids Again will
now be a traveling store doing small "Pop Up" show
sales at various locations in the Denver area